metal plant stand in white pot centerpiece tabletop sofa table nightstand

Bella Coola

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Elevate your air plants, succulents, cactus, fresh flower bouquet or arrangement with the Bella Coola table top plant stand. Its elegant, minimal design and size make it an ideal accessory for home or office and a stunning centerpiece for the modern table. The Bella Coola will add more life to your space, transforming shelves, sofa tables, consoles, mantles, counter tops and more. Each Bella Coola is made and finished in beautiful British Columbia. The cover photo features one of our favorite plant friends, Olive an oxalis triangularis (a.k.a. Purple Shamrock or Love Plant).

Material – Metal (Round Bar Steel)
Finish - Powder coated (available in black and white)
Height - 12"
Ring size - 8" diameter

The listing is for the metal plant stand only. Pot sold separately.