Shipping + Processing

Where do you ship?
We currently ship to the USA and Canada.

How much do you charge for shipping?
On orders less than $350, the shipping charge is a flat $15. Orders $350 and over ship for free.

What shipping services do you use?
USA - FedEx International Economy - delivery by the 2nd business day by 4:30 p.m. to businesses and by 8 p.m. to residences in the U.S.
Canada - FedEx Economy, FedEx Ground or Canada Post Expedited – delivery to major metropolitan areas in 2-5 business days.  

What is your processing time?
Most orders ship within 3 to 8 business days. Once we ship your order you will receive a tracking number.

Why is the checkout price different than the displayed price?
We are based in Canada and our website uses location-based pricing. If you are in the USA, you will see the price in U.S. dollars (USD) but when you reach checkout, you will be charged in Canadian dollars (CAD). On your credit card statement, the charge will be displayed in USD.

Hairpin Legs

How much weight can these legs support?
The amount of weight hairpin legs can support depend on the height and the type (2-Rod vs. 3-Rod). Generally speaking, shorter legs can hold more weight than taller legs and 3-Rod legs are stronger than 2-Rod hairpins.  Please contact us with specifics about your project and we can better advise you.

When should I get the 3-Rod legs?
We recommend 3-Rod legs for desks, dining room tables, and benches that hold 3+ adults. The extra rod of steel makes the legs stiffer, prevents them from flexing, and adds more overall stability to your finished piece.

What kind of projects are suitable for hairpin legs?
Most of our customers use our legs to create custom coffee tables, end tables, benches, nightstands, dining tables, desks, and entryway/foyer tables. Some have used our legs to support beds and couches (the shorter legs are remarkably strong!). The sky is the limit suggests this post on Homedit and a quick trip on Pinterest can provide you more inspiration.
What size hairpin leg do I need to make…?
Standard coffee table - 16”
Taller coffee table OR side table to complement a standard coffee table - 20”
Nightstand OR side table to complement taller coffee table - 25”
Dining table | Desk | Sofa table - 28“
Entryway | Console | Foyer Table - 30” +
Will my legs rust?
Raw steel will rust if left untreated. If you wish to keep the industrial look of the steel, we suggest using a transparent spray paint like Rust-Oleum Clear Coat, beeswax or linseed oil. We recommend Rust-Oleum Universal or any other 2-in1 paint primer intended for metal.

What are the dimensions and layout of the base plates?
The base plates are L-shaped in raw steel. They are 4 ¾” x 4 ¾” drilled with 4 holes for ¼” screws.

What size screws should I use?
¼”screws. The length of the screws depends on the thickness of the material you are mounting the legs too. We recommend you consult your local hardware store.

Can hairpin legs be ordered at custom heights? 
Yes. Just order the next size up and write in the buyer’s note the size you need.

Do you offer bulk pricing on large orders? 
Yes. Please contact us with the quantity and size you need and we will provide you a quote.

Do you offer custom sizing on your other table legs?
Yes. Please contact us with your specifications and we can provide you a quote.

Plant Stands

Can I use your plant stands outside?
Yes. Your piece has been professionally powder coated producing a strong, smooth and long-lasting finish. However, any item's appearance can expect to be diminished if exposed to the elements. With that being said, we encourage you to surround yourselves with plant friends indoors and bring the outdoors in. 

What if my pot has a drip tray?
Our Tofino and Naramata have flat surfaces which are best suited for pots with drip trays.

How do I know which size pot works best with your plant stands? 
We list the dimensions of each stand in the product description on our website. As a general rule, our Tofino and Naramata plant stands allow for a greater range of pot sizes and shapes due to its flat surface. Our other styles are designed for you to place your pot inside a ring which requires more exact sizing.  

How do you water your plant? 
It's easy. We always keep our plant friends in a plastic liner (that plastic pot your plant came in when you brought it home from the shop) for a couple of reasons. First, it makes watering your plant a breeze. When it comes time to water our botanical buddies, we just need to slip their plastic liner out of its pot and head to the sink, bathtub, or outside stoop. We then can give them all good drink without worrying about overwatering and/or getting the floor/carpet/window sill all wet. The second reason for keeping the plant "potted" in its plastic sleeve, is that it will keep your "real" plant pot nice. Win-win, in our books. 


What is your return policy?
You can return your legs and plant stands within 14 days and we will refund the order, less shipping, and a 10% restocking fee. Please note, custom orders cannot be returned. Please contact us to begin the return process.