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This metal planter is an emblem of modernist simplicity and will never go out of style. Inspired by the mid century modern classic, the Naramata plant stand is made of sturdy steel and features a crisp, white cylinder pot.  We offer fast, flat rate shipping with delivery to most major metropolitan areas in 3-5 business days.

Our metal planter has been powder coated giving it a smooth, long lasting finish. Unlike the Case Study or other wooden planters, the Naramata is well suited for your outdoor areas. The stylish ceramic pot perfectly fits a 10" grower's pot and is ideally sized for your fiddle leaf fig tree, large statement cactus, or snake plant.  

▲▲ Product Specs ▲▲
The Metal Stand
Material – Round bar steel
Finish – Powder coated - Available in Matte Black, Semi-Gloss White, and Clear Coated (Medium Gray)
Height of Stand  – 17" (Ceramic pot sits 7 ½” off the floor)
Fits pots up to 11" diameter
Hand Built

The Pot
Material  –  Ceramic (powder coated + baked)
Finish –  Semi-gloss white (waterproof)
Height – 10 ¼”
Width –  11"
Weight – 9.8 lbs
No drainage hole

▲▲ Shipping Info ▲▲
We offer free shipping of the Naramata to North America excluding Hawaii and Alaska. If you are a resident of Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us directly and we will happily prepare you a quote for shipping.

Shipping to our U.S. customers is with Fed Ex with delivery in 2-3 business days. In Canada, we use Fed Ex or Canada Post with delivery to most locations in 2-7 business days.

Once your item is shipped, we will provide you with tracking information on your order. We are not responsible for any items that have been delivered and are lost/stolen.

▲▲ Warranty ▲▲
We offer a 1 year warranty against all manufacturers defects. This warranty does not extend to the ceramic pots.

▲▲ Contact ▲▲
Please feel free to message us if you have any questions - we would be happy to assist!

▲▲ FAQs ▲▲
How can I water my plant with no drainage hole in the pot?
It's easy. We always keep our plant friends in a grower's or nursery pot (that plastic pot your plant came in when you brought it home from the shop). When it comes time to water our botanical buddies, we just slip the plastic liner out of the pot and head to the sink, bathtub, or outside stoop. We then give the plant a good drink without worrying about overwatering and/or getting the floor/carpet/window sill all wet. Another benefit to having your plant “potted” in a plastic pot is that it will also keep your "real" plant pot nice. Win-win, in our books.

Is the Naramata suitable for outdoor use?
Yes. Your piece has been professionally powder coated producing a strong, smooth and long-lasting finish. That being said, any item's appearance can expect to be diminished if exposed to the elements.

What size pots does the Naramata fit?
The Naramata will fit pots up to 11 ¼” in diameter.